Niel <br/> Murillo


17 Years Old

Kanto Boy Next Door ng Cebu

Birthday: January 12
Height: 5’6”
Hobbies: Playing the guitar
Favorite Band: One Direction
Comfort Food: Chicken
What do you love most about yourself: I am a person who doesn’t give up easily

When asked about his favorite movie, Niel Murillo enthusiastically said it’s the South Korean zombie movie Train to Busan. Interesting plot aside, what makes the film interesting for him is the character of Sang-Hwa; the tough yet selfless husband who sacrificed his life to save his loved ones. And it’s easy to see why Niel roots for the character. Just like Sang-Hwa, Niel is also willing to do everything for his family—especially for his blind brother who seeks medical help.

Growing up in a brood of eight has been fun for Niel but there had been tough situations, too. He recently stopped attending school because of financial difficulties. But the setbacks didn’t stop Niel from pursuing his dreams. Before joining Pinoy Boyband Superstar, he had been participating in free voice and dance lessons at a local talent center. He was also performing in gigs to help his family earn a living.

Now that he made it to the live shows, Niel’s pulling all the stops to secure a spot in the Top 5. Will his vocal prowess and admirable character convince the Superstar Judges and fans to say YES to him? Let’s find that out!