Ford <br/> Valencia


21 Years Old

Hunky Haranista ng Valenzuela City

Birthday: July 15
Height: 5’10”
Hobbies: Playing video games
Other Talent: Beatboxing
Dream Leading Lady: Loisa Andalio
What’s your biggest dream: To become a professional singer

Mature and responsible men are totally attractive and boyfriend material. No doubt about that. So when Ford Valencia entered the competition, fans couldn’t help but root for this persevering young man.

Ford acts as the family’s breadwinner ever since his father had a stroke. He experienced working as a waiter, ship mechanic, insurance agent, and a freelance event singer to make both ends meet. Because of all the trials and failures, Ford almost gave up on his boyband dream. But getting a spot in Pinoy Boyband Superstar reignited his passion for music.

Ford promises to give his all to win the hearts of the Superstar Judges and fans. And if given the chance to be a boyband member, Ford hopes for a tight and lasting relationship with his bandmates. “Bibihira lang kasi mangyari ‘yun e. Kumbaga, #SquadGoals ‘yun kapag nangyari. Kaya sana kung sakaling mapabilang ako sa Top 5, sisikapin ko na tumagal ang pagsasamahan (naminsa boyband.”

Ford is already boyfriend material—we can all agree to that. But will this stunner’s soulful voice and determined spirit be enough to make him boyband material, too? You be the judge!