Jester <br/> Hernandez


19 Years Old

Mr. Nice Guy Ng Quezon City

Birthday: July 17
Height: 5’10”
Hobby: Playing Musical Instruments
Sports: Basketball
Dream Leading Lady: Liza Soberano
If you were to serenade a girl, what song would you sing and why? “Can’t take my Eyes Off of You” because I love her and siya lang!

Music runs in the blood of this heartthrob from Quezon City. Jester’s grandfather, Ric Manrique Jr., is hailed as one of the Kings of Kundiman. This explains his deep desire to be in the music industry. Aside from his vocal prowess, another quality you’ll love about this guy is his generous heart.  Unfortunately, his kind and forgiving nature also led him to his life’s biggest heartbreak. His former girlfriend confessed on their sixth anniversary that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the child wasn’t his. What’s more hurtful is that she cheated on him with his childhood best friend. Despite this betrayal, Jester mustered the courage to forgive them so he could finally move on with his life. Now, Jester’s trying to focus on his music career to support his family’s financial needs—especially now that their family business went bankrupt after his dad suffered from a vehicular accident.