Jao <br/> Viola


22 Years Old

Swabeng Maangas ng Malabon

Birthday: October 24
Height: 5’7"
Eye Color: Brown
Dream Leading Lady: Angel Locsin

Were you ever heartbroken? How did you cope? Yes. Palagi lang akong nakikinig ng music. Minsan naggi-gitara at kumakanta hanggang makalimutan ang problema

Jao’s rugged style may give you the impression that he’s tough and careless. But in reality, this guy is over protective, especially to his mother who has experienced a couple of failed relationships. In fact, he and his other siblings promised that no one could hurt their mom—ever again. He once held a grudge against his estranged dad. But after communicating with his half-siblings via social media, Jao was finally convinced to mend his relationship with his father.

Will this competition pave the way to Jao’s much-awaited reunion with his dad?  We totally hope so!