Jimsen  <br/> Jison


20 Years Old

Pakilig DJ ng Marikina

Birthday:  August 5
Height: 5’7"

Dream Leading Lady: Jessy Mendiola
Favorite Singer: Nyoy Volante
Have you ever been heartbroken? How did you cope? Let’s move on

If Jimsen’s charm and voice can’t make you fall in love, we don’t know what else will. His city’s local government hired him as a radio DJ because of his mesmerizing and powerful speaking voice. Jimsen’s talent is recognized even outside his hometown in Marikina; he’s often invited to sing in live bands and fiestas. Because of his gigs, Jimsen is able to pursue his Mass Communications degree.

Will this competition help Jimsen solidify his career in the music industry? Let’s find that out!