Tony <br/> Labrusca


21 Years Old

Badboy ng Vancouver, Canada

Birthday: August 7
Height: 5’11”
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Sport: Gymnastics
What do you love most about yourself? Brains, humor and loyalty

Tony Labrusca considers himself a lone wolf; traveling back and forth from Canada to the Philippines makes it difficult for him to establish relationships with other people. But Pinoy Boyband Superstar changed Tony’s life. The show taught him how to be a better version of himself. From a man who’s more comfortable being alone, now, he’s able to connect with other people—particularly his fellow contestants.

He has found brothers in the form of these boys and, if given the chance to be part of the top 5, he’ll try his best to keep their bond unbreakable. “The reason why boybands disband is because, after a while, you get so comfortable with each other that you kind of just stop communicating.  And I think that’s what so important…If you’re gonna try to keep the boyband together, when you’re down, you pick each other up. Don’t ever feel or come to the point that you’re close enough as friends that you can no longer communicate.”

Because of the boyband search, Tony also had the chance to meet his estranged father, former actor Boom Labrusca. Boom and his mother, Angel Jones, both serve as his motivation to win this fight. And to give back to his fans who made all these things possible, Tony promises to step up his game and win their hearts once more.