James Ryan <br/> Cesena

James Ryan

18 Years Old

Skater Kid from California

Birthday: November 2
Height: 5’10”
Hobbies: Skateboarding, Cliff Jumping, BMXing
Color that describes your personality: Red for having a high energy
Comfort Food: Pho
What do you love most about yourself: My eyes and lips

James isn’t your typical Amboy—trust us. This 18-year old heartthrob from San Diego, California is actually a worship leader and a junior pastor. James’ favorite worship song, “I Love You Lord” by Petra, used to be his mom’s lullaby for him. It’s also one of the songs that triggered his passion for music.

James considers music as his life. Back in the States, he’s a front man of a band called Air Go. But it wasn’t until he joined Pinoy Boyband Superstar that he was forced to level up his performing skills—James, of course, is more than ready to prove his worth. And while he’s still adjusting to the Filipino language, James vows he’ll learn it by heart to be deserving of a spot in the Pinoy Boyband.

Will the Superstar Judges and fans be swayed by this heartthrob’s vocal prowess and determination to succeed? That we have to find out during the live shows!