Wilbert <br/> Rosalyn


19 Years Old

Pursigidong Promdi ng Davao del Sur

Birthday: June 17
Height: 6’0”
Other Talents: Beatboxing, Robotic/Isolation Dancing
If you were to serenade a girl, what song would you sing and why? “Ordinary Song” kasi mas naa-attract ako sa babaeng simple lang

Girls will surely love Wilbert’s unfading perseverance in fulfilling his superstar dreams. He went out of his way to make his talents known by joining numerous singing and reality TV shows. He eventually made it as one of the contenders in a big singing competition on TV; unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it ‘til the end. Thanks to Wilbert’s family, his will to go on didn’t end there. Will his unbeatable determination finally bear fruit this time as he joins Pinoy Boyband Superstar? Let’s find that out!