Joao <br/> Constancia


19 Years Old

Party Prince ng Macau

Birthday: December 22
Height: 5’7”
Hobbies: Partying, Travelling & Playing Basketball
Dream Leading Lady: Yassi Pressman
Have you ever been heartbroken? How did you cope it?
Yes, I have been heartbroken. I drank my heartbreak away and spent most of my time with family & friends

Resisting Joao Constancia’s charm is pretty difficult. His 94% score during the judges' auditions and the non-stop screaming of the fans whenever he’s performing can prove that. And while his charisma is more than enough to convince the judges and the fans to say YES each time he steps on stage, Joao admits that he still has a long way to go in his boyband journey.

The 19-year old heartthrob from Macao, China shares that Pinoy Boyband Superstar helped him do things he thought he wasn’t capable of doing. And now, with the support of his family and fans, Joao will do everything in his power to make it to the top.