Twinkabogable <br/> Mendoza


22 Years Old

Jayvee & Bjorn Mendoza, Batangas

Birthday: June 13
Height: 5’7”
Eye Color: Brown
What is your biggest dream?
Bjorn: Ang makilala kami ng kambal ko sa buong mundo.
Have you ever been heartbroken? How did you cope with it? 
Jayvee: I was bullied for being overweight. Nag-move on lang ako.

Apart from sharing the same features, the identical twins also share the same sense of humor and “unkabogable” personalities. Their innate charm and confidence make them stand out among others. But who can blame them? Even the Twinkabogable’s family members have distinctive tastes and characteristics.  They call their mom “gurl”, while their other brother is a hardcore KPop fan.