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Pinoy Boyband Superstar Top 12: Markus, Miko, and Niel Talk About Courtship and Planning the Perfect Date

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Top 12: Markus, Miko, and Niel Talk About Courtship and Planning the Perfect Date

November 04, 2016

They have captivated the hearts of the ladies and wowed the Pinoy Boyband Superstar judges Aga Muhlach, Yeng Constantino, Sandara Park and Vice Ganda with their boyband looks and singing prowess, during the Auditions. And in last week’s Middle Rounds, they were able to prove that they have the right to be part of the Top 12 by lavishing everyone with their charm and undeniable talents. Now, as we avidly look forward to the Live Shows, let us get to know more about Markus, Miko, and Niel as they share their ideal date setting and reveal how they show a girl that she is special.

Get your pens and paper ready! Ladies, here are a few things you definitely need to know about your Pinoy Boyband bets.

Markus Paterson

Here’s a trivia for the ladies who love sports. 18-year old Markus used to be a professional football player in the UK. He even looks up to Real Madrid’s famous player, Cristiano Ronaldo. What’s even more endearing is that Markus remains very Filipino despite growing up abroad. He says that part of the reason why he joined Pinoy Boyband Superstar is to help his family financially so they could all be together here in the Philippines. The ladies helped Markus get one step closer to that dream when they gave him a 92% approval rating during the Auditions. His moving performance of Up Dharma Down’s hit “Tadhana” earned him a resounding yes from all judges and a fearless remark from Aga about how Pinoy Boyband Superstar is written all over Markus’s face.

So what could you expect from this football hottie should you be lucky enough to win his affection? Well, Markus says that he would share his music taste to the girl he likes and would even write a song for her. And as for his vision of the perfect date, Markus shares that he would, “Teach her soccer and have a chill evening playing X-box or watching a movie.”

Miko Juarez

Foodies out there are in for a treat. Twenty-year old Miko not only resembles actor James Reid, but he is also good in the kitchen after working as a cook in a restaurant. These two things alone were enough for the ladies to grant him a whopping 97% approval rating. Before singing in front of the judges, Miko admitted that he has always dreamed of joining a boyband group and that he was a fan of both The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. His sweet rendition of Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti” allowed him to continue on to the next stage of the competition. Although part of the bottom 20 in the Middle Rounds, his group’s first-rate performance of West Life’s “Uptown Girl” was lauded by all the judges. It was even dubbed by Vice as the best performance of the night, surprisingly beating the groups from the Top 20. Miko’s performance, in particular, would have made his idols proud.

As for wooing the ladies, Miko shares that he would let a girl know that he likes her by giving her flowers and chocolates. And his plan for a dream date is as simple as bringing the girl to a fancy restaurant and taking her to an arcade afterwards for a romantic dose of video games. 

Niel Murillo

Family circumstances may have prevented Niel from continuing with his education, but this 17-year old One Direction fan doesn’t let this drawback keep him from working to reach his dreams. He steadily hones his talents by taking part in free voice and dance lessons at a local talent center. His motivation for joining the Pinoy Boyband Superstar could very well be the most heart-tugging yet. Niel hopes that by becoming a part of a boyband, he will be able to help finance the operation of his brother who has been blind for four years now. During the initial Auditions, he won the hearts of the audience because of his down-to-earth looks and shyness which earned him a 96% approval rating. He then amazed the judges with his flawless cover of Sam Concepcion’s “Mahal Na Mahal Kita.” Though he looked a bit insecure, Niel’s golden voice dazzled the judges even more and outshone the rest of his group throughout their performance of Boyzone’s “Love Me for a Reason” during the Middle Rounds.

So how will this shy guy from Cebu let a girl know she’s special? Niel says he will give her flowers to show her how he feels. He adds, “I-treat ko po siya palagi sa street foods saka balot. Sasamahan ko po siya palagi at magjo-joke ako para palagi siyang masaya. Magpapapansin po ako sa kanya palagi para magkausap kaming dalawa.” And for a perfect date, Niel thinks of bringing the lucky lady to a classy restaurant where they can order champagne and listen to sweet music while talking with each other.

Don’t miss the journey of these aspiring boyband members as they make their dreams come true in Pinoy Boyband Superstar. Watch the Live Shows starting this Saturday (November 5) after Home Sweetie Home and every Sunday after Wansapanataym, on ABS-CBN.

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