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Pinoy Boyband Superstar Top 12: Allen, Ford and Henz on Girls and Dream Dates

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Top 12: Allen, Ford and Henz on Girls and Dream Dates

October 31, 2016

We have seen how they made the ladies scream and swoon during the Pinoy Boyband Auditions. We then watched how they proved that their looks and their talents are Pinoy Boyband-worthy by performing in front of the celebrity judges Aga Muhlach, Yeng Constantino, Sandara Park, and Vice Ganda. And during last week’s Middle Rounds, we have witnessed how the Top 25 showcased their abilities and appeal while performing in a group in a bid to secure a spot in the Live Shows. Now, the Top 12 have been chosen. And while we eagerly wait for the next stage in their journey to become the ultimate Pinoy Boyband Superstar, let us first get to know them more as they spill the beans on what they consider as a dream date and how they show their feelings to a girl they like.

Ladies, prepare your pens and papers, it’s time to take down notes. Fangirl activated!

Allen Cecilio

This 17-year old stunner has received a 98% approval rating from the all-female audience during the auditions, the highest ever on the show. His suave moves to Jason Derulo’s “Marry Me” almost caused pandemonium especially after he goes about kissing the hands of the viewers. Allen then proceeded to charm the judges with his rendition of the APO Hiking Society’s hit “Yakap sa Dilim” which effectively drew out even more screams from the ladies.

So how does this natural charmer show a girl that he likes her? Allen says that if he likes a girl, he would always talk to, chat with and text her. “Hindi [ako] magsasawang mag-good morning, good night at magpaalala na kumain na. Babansagan ko siya ng pangalan na siya na siya lang makakapagpaalala sa ‘kin.” And what is his idea of a perfect date? Apparently, Allen likes a garden setup illuminated with bright, tiny lights and the stars above, which makes us wonder, could Allen possibly be a “Dolce Amore” fan?

Ford Valencia

This hunk from Valenzuela is his family’s breadwinner, which definitely deserves extra points from the ladies. Hardworking and dependable, he works as a life insurance agent and doubles as a freelance event singer. At 21, Ford goes after his dream of becoming a professional singer by joining Pinoy Boyband Superstar. He may have been a little nervous during his audition, which is probably the reason for his 83% approval rating, but his stellar performance of John Legend’s massive hit “All of Me” wowed the judges and melted the hearts of the female audiences.

When Ford fancies a girl, he says that he likes to be with her constantly and would always accompany her home. He adds that, “Caring ako once na gusto ko ang isang girl.” As for his dream date, Ford shares that he would like to hike with his special someone to Mt. Everest so they could prove their love for each other.

Henz Villaraiz

A self-confessed 5 Seconds of Summer fan, Henz stands out from the other contenders because of his individuality. Unlike the cute, clean-cut look associated with boy bands, this 19-year old fanboy wears his hair long and loose and ties it with a bandana which has become his distinct style. He even sings the pop punk hit “Heartache on the Big Screen” during his audition instead of the usual love songs favored by the other contestants. Despite his good looks, Henz is a certified NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth). He is also the first to admit that he is a mama’s boy, a trait that Vice Ganda lauded because it means that Henz knows how to love and respect women.

So how does he show a girl that he likes her? Shy as he is, Henz says that he would stay close to the girl and would ask her questions to create conversation. He would also always try to make excuses just to see her because for him, “When you like a girl you'll go to the ends of the earth just to make her smile. I'll make some funny remarks or a joke about us, hinting that I have a thing for her.” And what is his dream date? Unsurprisingly, he reveals that he would take the girl he likes to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert, after which they would eat chicken nuggets. A fanboy through and through.

Don’t miss the journey of aspiring boyband members as they make their dreams come true in Pinoy Boyband Superstar. Watch the Live Shows starting this Saturday (November 5) after Home Sweetie Home and every Sunday after Wansapanataym, on ABS-CBN.

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